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pac-man collab

2012-08-16 19:34:47 by AAflash24

For animators who like pac-man out there, I'm starting a collab. The collab will be short parody's of pac-man. If you want to enter, here are the rules.

1. must be animated in flash cs5 or LOWER
2. frame rate must be 24.95
3. shorts up to a minute long or how ever short you want
4. no sprites, but you may use background art from pac-man games
5. flashes must be decent quality
6. default back ground must be 550 by 400
7. default background color must be white
8. when done with flash short, email the fla. file to
9. animated in actionscript 2.0
10. no sexual, hentai stuff
11. curse words must be censored, exept for the like, hell etc

remember, they must be animated in *FLASH CS5 OR LOWER*

not all will get in.

this won't go on for long so hurry if you want to enter.

if you make it in, you must tell me your newgrounds name and so I can credit you.

there will be 0 reserve for revenue. This is just for fun. not for money

have fun : )

pac-man collab


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2012-08-22 03:17:07

I think im gonna sit this one out. I need to work on my youtube channel. I had a good idea for this collab too. I may just make it later for my youtube. Anyway, good luck with this, collab!

AAflash24 responds:

Thanks Ryan


2012-08-20 12:40:20

Can't you be a little bit more specific with the deadline? I understand that it's hard to set a specific deadline when you don't know how much success this will have. But can't you pick a temporary date like 09/11 or something and if you don't have enough entries by then you can set a new deadline. It's just that I wanna join the collab, but I don't wanna be halfway making my movie and then notice that the collab has already ended.

(Updated ) AAflash24 responds:

there is no deadline


2012-08-18 13:48:11

I'll definitely join if there's room. So we can't have any background color or elements?

AAflash24 responds:

no you can, but the flash default background has to be white.


2012-08-18 12:44:54

When's the deadline?

AAflash24 responds:

as soon as I get enough flashes for a 4 minute flash movie.


2012-08-17 18:40:21

K i'll join. Is flash 8 fine? :0 Cuz I got 8 and CS6.

AAflash24 responds:

yes. I think that'll work


2012-08-17 11:42:57

Just most people animate with whole number FPS. It makes it easier to time things.... I didn't even know you could animate at a fraction of a FPS.

AAflash24 responds:

I only do it because when I animate at 24 fps, the sound gets all out of sync after a while , but when I animate at 24.95 fps it doesn't.


2012-08-17 11:15:25

Just an FYI, if you are using CS5 then you can accept parts from any lower level flash version, i.e CS4,CS3 and Flash 8. As long as everyone is using AS2 you can have people using those versions of flash join the collab.

Also, wtf is 24.95 FPS about? I mean are you serious or is that a messed up joke?

AAflash24 responds:

thanks for the feedback and no. I always animate at 24.95 FPS. whats wrong with that


2012-08-17 09:23:33

Are there any rules/guidelines about using music/sounds?

AAflash24 responds:

no. That's fine.


2012-08-17 03:20:29

Crazy rock stole what i was going to say >:E
the "I love pacman!" thing l:L


2012-08-16 23:20:50

Sooo.... what if you got Flash CS4?

AAflash24 responds:

I don't think that will work because I'm using cs5. You can try though.


2012-08-16 21:40:01

I'm so in, dude!

I love pacman!


2012-08-16 20:53:19

Dude, Get flash 8 or something.


2012-08-16 19:38:43


AAflash24 responds:

yes. in actionscript 2.0